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Traveler's Quiz 1.0

How many places have you been to? Use this quiz to score yourself!

Each field represents each place you visited. So if you've just been going to mexico with your great aunt since you were a zygote, your score isnt 10000000 it's either 100 or 200 depending on where you came from. But if you're from Mexico and went to the United States, Russia, and Uganda, your score would be 100+200+200=500. REMEMBER: Each count represents if you've been there or not at least once, not the amount of times you've been there.

Embassies in your nation's capital:
Embassies in another nation's capital:
Countries on your continent:
Countries on another continent:
North/South Pole
Planets that are not earth

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What's my score? 150. Bite me why don't ya.