My old about page was not very useful, so here's a new one for ya.
I'm an 18 year old programmer and artist from Newark, NJ. I don't really have a main direction for this site, but it feels nice to have a place I can come back to since I tend to move alot. I've been doing programming since I was a lad, and I'm still learning.

I really dig internet doo-dads, graphics , and games. Anybodyplay Fortnite? If your site needs a 88x31 button, I might make one for ya if you ask nicely, or if you don't ask I'll might just make it and give it to you. Same goes for music, or if your site needs a background theme song, I can hook ya up. (I'm just trying to bust into the art world ok??!?!!?!!)

Anyway, here are some (non)-FAQuestions.

1. Who's that pokemon?
2. Where did you get your name from?
Bruh i made it up. It's a play on "You don't say", though it's pronounced sae
3. What kind of music do you write? Electrong, IDM, Vaporwave, Waltz, Ragtime, Disco, Jazz, Chiptune, Hiphop/Rnb, whatever really. I just havent posted any of it recently. That's going to change.
4. Why don't you post more music?
bc i'm a worry wart
5. Do you know the way?
I hope so
6. Favorite food?
7. Favortie vidya?
Turf Wars, Black Ops 2 Seiken Densetsu or somethin
8. Do ya have a job? Hell yeah. 9. What laguages do you know?
-pequeño español
-lingua latina (I used to know more latin than spanish but now it's the other way around)
-i studied japanese when I was a weeb
-MS DOS Shell
-Python 3 and 2 (I know more of 3 though)
-SQL... (enough to do CRUD)
-C... (the basics)
-Java (gross)
10. Which language is your favorite?
8. Favorite Song(s)?