Console NameYear ReleasedYear Aquired"Review"
Game Boy Advance SP 2003 2006 My grandmother found it in a shopping cart in shoprite one day and gave it to me. Single handedly got me into portable/handheld gaming. I eventually lost this game boy (i think somebody stole it tbh), but later bought an identical model on Amazon (in around 2013). Favorite Games: Castlevania Circle of the Moon, Super Mario Advance, Super Mario World... looking for more games to play on this tbh
Nintendo DS Lite 2006 2008 My mom got it for me randomly lmao. Hey yudo do you want a DS? I said sure i guess and boom there it is. Many good memories with it. Later, the top screen snapped off and now it functions as a game boy advance with no speakers. Later bought another DS lite of a friend for 40 bucks with Pokemon Pearl. Good deal I think. Favorites: New Super Mario Bros, Castlevania Portrait of Ruin, Radiant Historia, Mario Kart DS
Game Boy Color 1998 2010 Bought it off a classmate for for 5 dollars when I was in forth grade. Good deal I think! Fav Games: Pokemon Yellow
Sega Game Gear 1989 2012 I bought this on amazon with like 5 games for 30 bucks after watching way too many youtube videos about it. When I was in 6th grade, a girl saw me playing this and asked me what it was. I told her it's a sega game gear and she said "EWW IT's SEGA!" and ran away. What did she mean by this?

My game gear is super washed out. Many years later I bought a much nicer one with the modern screen upgrade. It's still one of my favorite handhelds, it's so comfortable to hold and the tech inside is pretty great too! If I wanted a better one, I'd defo add an OPL chip or something on top of the PSG. I'd also try to rizz up more developers. It's obvious that sega reeally tried to pad out the library with good stuff, but it still can't really compete with the game boy on that front. Overall a great system tho. Love the game gear. Fav Games: Sonic Triple Trouble, Crystal Warriors, Royal Stone (i played in japanese LOL), Puzzle Bobble, Ninku Gaiden.
Nintendo Wii 2006 2008 any many many great memories on this system. My family got it while it was hot, and we enjoyed it a lot. I still find good games for it, and occasinaly boot it up to play them on. I think I found my gaming tastes through this system.
Sega Dreamcast 1999 2010 A gift from my cousin! As hype as I was to aquire this, actually owning one as an 11 year old in 2010 was not the best experience. The games were always very hard to find in shops back then (my parents didn't trust online sales in this era), and I was relegated to downloading roms off the interent and (failing at) burning CD-Rs. Eventually gave up on it for a while, at least until I was able to find more games in stores/got my own money to get stuff online. As cool as the Dreamcast is, I find myself going back to it the least out of everything else. I eventually got the lazer repaired, so it plays games WAYYY better than it did when i first got it. Favorite games on the system: Shenme, Tennis 2k2, Metro Street Racer, Expendable (that's like half my collection LMAO!). I do want to get more Japanese games for the system, but it's honestly not a priority. CD based games are not high on my to-buy list, especially dreamcast ones.
Nintendo GameCube 2001 2012? around then. We were returning from Philadelphia, and just decided to enter a GameStop on a whim. Nabbed this for 30 bucks and Metroid Prime for 5 bucks. It didn't work. Returned it and got a replacement. It didn't work. Returned it and got a replacement. It didn't work past the intro area. I've had some variation of this experience with almost every GameCube game I have. I love double dash. I love sonic adventure DX. There are a lot of games on this system I enjoy or know that I would probably enjoy a lot, but those games scratch so easily I've totally given up on collecting for it. I look at posts like this and shudder. So many good games that probably don't work at all!! Would rather buy dreamcast games tbh.
Playstation Portable 2004 2011(?) This was a gift from my other cousin. This system actually changed the tradjectory of my life in a few ways LOL! After picking this one up, I didn't do much with it. The interface looked really cool, and it seemed like it had a lot of cool features, but I could never get any of them to work right, and plus I only had ONE spongebob game. I dropped it for a while. Later, as I found myself getting more and more obsessed with Falcom and Persona stuff, I realized a lot of those games were on the PSP! I remember it as clear as day, I walked into my local gamestop with the intent of picking up an Ys or Persona game. I walked into the store, and saw just about everything I was looking for - Persona 3 Portable for 30 bucks, and Ys 1,2, Oath in Felghana, AND Arc of Napishtim for about 45 combined. I had 45 dollars in my wallet. Four games for that price seemed good to me, so i nabbed all the Ys games and never looked back. Knowing what kind of gamer I was and am, I think I made the right choice. Oath is my favorite game of all time now! I later found another favorite on there - Knights in the Knightmare. There are so many fun and creative games on the PSP, I just wish it was more comfortable to hold. I've always had big hands, and playing any 3d game with the little nib makes my hands hurt after a while. According to my collection tracker, I actually have more PSP games than any other system. So that goes to show how much I like the PSP! Fun fact - I've still never played a persona game LOL! In the future, i'd love to pick up Persona 1, Devil Summoner, Trails into the Sky (and its sequels), Megaman X, Princess Crown, and uhhh all the Department Heaven games that I don't have (yggdra union and riviera)... I mean just look at all the PSP remakes and exclusives that got again remade and ported to modern platforms in the last five years. Make no mistake, this system is goated.
Playstation Vita 2012 2019 Man the vita is a weird system. It feels like the dreamcast of portables. Didn't do as well as expected, whole lot of indies in the end. BUT I will say that I still like it a lot, despite not being super into all the games that were on it (the psp's library totally blows this out of the water in most ways). But of these games, I love Gravity Rush, Ys Memories of Celceta, Touch my Katamari (buggy as hell but fun), EDF2 (EDF! EDF! EDF!), Terraway (super creative game, yall need to play it), and all the vanillaware stuff. There aren't really many games I really want to play on here besides maybe some of the Trails stuff and Ys Lacrimosa of Dana, but it's not really a priority. One thing I don't like about the vita is that it's even more uncomfortbale to hold than the PSP is, I had to get a grip for it which helped a little, but it's not the best. Game gear still wins that front.
Playstation 2 1999 2022 Ah the PS2. The snotgreen PS2. The scrotumtightening PS2. Everybody likes the PS2. The ps2 has thousands of great games. I must confess, I got into it way too late. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Digitgal Devil Saga. I LOVE it. I LOVE Digital Devil saga. I stopped playing RPGs for a good while and got back into it with this game. I LOVE digital devils saga. My brother and I have made a few new great memories with GTA3 and Midnight Club. But I still got into it too late. Some of those games look way too dark for me. Like too dark to see what the fuck is going on. I hate that feeling. I'm also not super crazy about the graphic design of that era. People were just starting to become allergic to fun bright colorful games. I do really like La Pucelle Tactics, but I discovered that game on the Switch, not the PS2 so that doesn't count. I'm afraid I need to spend more time with this console to really fall in love with it. I think the controllers I got with it feel super gross too so that probably taints my vision a little. Did I mention I love Digital Devil Saga?
Playstation 4 2012 2015 AND 2022 Alright so my brother got a PS4 that I only played on a little bit, then I got one for myself on a whim when I cought somebody I knew getting ripped off at Gamestop from trying to sell theirs. GOATED system. Probably the best bang for your buck of any system right now. You can play most of the modern game releases, find them used at great prices, and play most of the last 10 years' AAA console releases at a discount since the games are all old news now but not old enough to be "collectable". It's a shame I don't have as much time to play this system anymore since I tend to game more on handhelds than consoles. My favorites are Call of Duty Infinate Warfare, Neir Replicant, Gundam Versus, Gravity Rush (again hehe). I actually have a lot of PS4 games, but not as much time to play them. My mom got me Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On, so that's what I'm gonna play next!
Nintendo DSi 2008 2009 Flipnote Hatena was my first real exposure to social media and meme culture. I know a lot of it was recycleed from newgrounds, but I never got into newgrounds so this was MY new grounds ahahah. Seriously, as an animation obsessed child this was Mecca for me. You could MAKE animations, SHARE animations, REMIX animations, COLLABORATE with animations?!? That shit ROCKS. It's like tiktok for animators. So many hours were spent browsing and downloading the animation stuff. Check this shit out. My only problem with flipnote was that the L and R buttons were SHIT and I could never pull off the cool stuff people were doing with it since I could never access the extra menus reliably. Oh were we talking about the DSi? Yeah the web browser was cute, and so was the DSi shop. Can we go back to flipnote now? If I was based and artpilled and just a bit more dedicated I think I would have uploaded way more often and gotten much more out of the platform. But I wasn't, and didn't. It's a true shame that we'll probably never see anything like this again, at lease something that was THIS accessible. (aside froom Sudomemo i guess... but that's still basically flipnote). The touch screen was super responsive, and it took basically nothing to get animating. I can't understate how awesome flipnote was. If an enterprising and attractive buisness owner were to drop a SINGLE USE product with a BIG SCREEN and WACOM TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY and ART PROGRAM WITH HIGH USABILITY and VIDEO EDITING + ANIMATION stuff i woulD DEVOUR IT. @everyone @valve @huawei @nintendo @hatena @alibaba... honestly this seems like a software solution. But an all in one type of thing (make it open sauce of course), would make animation accessible i think. Being able to switch it on and doodle would be great. Kinda like Remarkable tablet but with a faster and better OS, and maybe not a paper screen. So a tablet i guess... Idk ! I love this shit. The DSI rocks. I never played any of the system-exclusive DSi games though besides like the AR stuff, Face Raiders (fun game), and like Dodogo-Robo, Anonymous Notes from the Abyss, and fuckin Escapee GO! Nobody knows about Escapee GO! That game was kinda hard ngl.
Nintendo 3DS 2011 2011 - I got it on launch :O I got this thinking flipnote was gonna be bigger and better. I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. Then it came out! Then it got shut down since predators were taking advantage of nintendo's online services! What the fuck!!! The app itself was/is great tho. I actually used it to make the drawings in my Devilman review. My mic on it broke and that makes me very sad, no more SOUNDs in animations. Overall I like this the best out of all the DS line. The games on this thing FUCK, and I've fallen even more in love with it as an adult with refined taste in video games. Favorites include: Soul Hackers, SMT4, Mario 3d Land, Etrian Oddysey 4, and Kid Icarus Uprising. Have you guys heard of Kid Icarus Uprising? It's Nintendo's best game. Did you guys know that? Actually I'm wrong. It's not Nintendo's best game. The control scheme for it is absolutely horrible (it causes PHYSICAL PAIN!) and makes the game unplayable for me. It's a real shame too, since if the game got re released for Wii U or Switch with only the control scheme changed it would be a system seller without question. WITHOUT QUESTION!!!!! Kid Icarus has had the craziest glow up of all time and it's being held back by the shoddy control scheme. The fans want more for Pit. The fans want Kid Icarus to see the limelight it deserves. Oh! I forgot to mention, I was on the ambassador's program, getting all those free NES and GBA games was a real treat. Double dawg dare nintendo to do a thing like that again. You won't! but if you did.... 🥺
Nintendo Entertainment System 1985 2011 Local retro game shop had it referbed for 50 smacks. I love my NES, but I generally don't really like the front loader. The system seems to break down too often to be usable long term, I much perfer the top loading variant, which I ended up getting in the form of a Famicom. Pretty good system, the games have not all aged well, but if you can get games for it cheaply or love 80s games, you'll probably really enjoy the NES, I know I did at least. I personally like the famicom a lot more since there's just more games on there. I also really like the NES since it's oftentimes the easiest way to play those historical video games that are hard to find anywhere else (hydlide, drasle family, etc). I actually had a side scrolling RPG phase a few years ago, and the NES has a lot of choice picks of this genre. Favorite US Releases include: Super Mario Bros 2, Kirby's Adventure, Mega Man 1, Zanac, and Legacy of the Wizard! One of my last memories of my great grandmother is actually playing Super Mario Bros with her (she was watching). That was a fun day, and one of the only times I got to share my passion of gaming with her. She died not long after that. Still, a cherished memory.
Atari 2600 1977 2012 My mom had one growing up, but since lost it. She's not a gamer. I am. That's where we differ. I'M the gamer. ME. I was OBSESSED with this system. I was WEIRD about it. I actually finished my first INDIE game on this system in 2012 with my brother. I coded it in Batari BASIC, and he helped me test it and even made a level. What a time that was. I used to lurk on atariage forums for YEARS without making an account. HOWEVER, Im not super crazy about it knowing what I know now. I liked the atari from an engineering perspective, as a challenge to be defeated rather than a machine to really play games on. Either way, my favorites are: My game ofc lol, Pitfall 1 & 2, Donkey Kong (sue me), Adventure, Berzerk, and a few others I don't remember right now. Maze Craze looks really cool tho. To the modern gamer, atari games probably feel like mobile games without ads or graphics. Also, fuck that joystick.
Nintendo Famicom 1983 (i have the later AV Famicom from 1993) 2022 Yeah this system rocks. Have you guys ever played Hello Kitty World? You havent? Oh goody~! Hello Kitty world iss a reskin of Balloon Kid. Balloon Kid the sequel to the critically acclaimed Balloon Fight, which itself is a re interpretation of the criticaly acclaimed Joust. But instead of it being a joust bird or a kid, you play as HELLO KITTY :OOOOOOOO. This game is joy incarnate. It gets difficult near the end, but it's always fun!! I haven't been a sanrio head since I was a toddler, but this game brought me right back. PLEASE play this game. It's so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Favorite games: Hello Kitty World, Rockman 5, Tetris 2 + Bombliss, (i have more but i forgot).
Sega Genesis/Sega CD 1989 2012 + This requires a much longer review than I have time for right now. Will "circle back" to this in the future.
Nintendo Switch 2017 2020 This requires a much longer review than I have time for right now. Will "circle back" to this in the future.
Nintendo Wii U 2012 2012 - got on launch :O This requires a much longer review than I have time for right now. Will "circle back" to this in the future.
Game Boy Pocket 199x 2019 This requires a much longer review than I have time for right now. Will "circle back" to this in the future.
Game Boy Original 1989 2012 This requires a much longer review than I have time for right now. Will "circle back" to this in the future.
Sega Saturn 1994 2022 Nabbed this peice of shit in new york for 100 bucks, carried it all the way back home on the subway, then spent nearly 400 smacks getting upgrades and whatnot for it. Was it worth it? Idk. But Twinkle Star Sprites man twinkle star SPRITES. FUCK that game is INCREDIBLE. 10/10 Video gaming experience. TOPS! I said Hello Kitty Mid was joy incarnate, but THIS is on a whole nother level. The flow state I get into while playing this game will alter your outlook on life. The saturn controller is also very very good for these 2d games. Current faves: Twinkle Star Sprites, Kingdom Grand Prix, Twinkle Star Sprites, Falcom Classics Collection (that Dragon Slayer Port is pretty baller if I do say so myself), Burning Rangers (i get lost in this but its fun), Black/Matrix

I'm realizing I was probably very annoying in the early 2010s.

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