Computer NameYear ReleasedYear Aquired"Review"
Dell Dimension XPS T450 1999 2000 Folks got this when I was a baby, but it didn't formally become mine until 2009. It's a fine machine for any type of DOS gaming. My model even has an FM sound card installed (aside from the PC speakers and digital audio yada yada)! I got exposed to a lot of technologies on this machine. I remember I used to do stop motion animations in monkeyjam, 3D renderings in Anim8or, HTML in notepad++ and more. I used to go on the machine below and download stuff from Atariage onto a flash drive, CD, or floppy and put it on this since it didn't have any internet access. Oh boy those were the days. Back when movie maker would take 12 hours to render my videos since I didn't know what compression was.
Dell Inspiron 1300 2003? 2003 Ummmmmmm it's just as good as the machine above for retro gaming if only my fucking motherboard wasn't ass. Became mine in 2012.
Sony Vaio? idk tbh 2009? 201? The family laptop. It was cool when it came out buuuuut, it's not worth it.
Dell Latitude XPI CD 1997 2010 My first laptop. I actually use it fairly often. It's nice for doing Windows 9X and DOS stuff. Not reccomended for doing any gaming/processor intensive software after 1996 tho. It's also fat ass, so lugging it around might be a pain.
Apple Ipad 2010 2010 That was a good Christmas. Did most of my childhood youtubing on here as a child, good times. At the moment, the photo gallery chocked full of photos and screenshots of retro computer and gaming hardware, lego ninjago screencaps, lego animations impored off my 3ds SD card, and flipnote hatena memes.
Asus a35u 2012 2012 My first non-hand me down. It was fucking amazing. Fast CPU, did everything I needed it to, ran all the games, video editing, everything bro. This laptop was my world.... until the RAM and Hard drives failed, putting me into mayday mode.
Raspberry Pi Model B (original) 2011 2014 Yeah, I bought one. Didn't everybody?
HP Compaq 2710p 2008? 2015 MAYDAYMAYDAY this was my daily driver after my Asus child died [all through tenth grade]. It is GREAT for drawing and doing graphics work, but it's not suited for such heavy use. It took quite a beating when I was using it, and now it only turns on when I squeeze it and hold it upside down. Runs Windows Vista.
Apple Imac G3 2000 2015 Gift from a teacher. I mean it's cute but.. it's a Mac. Most of my workflow and development and everything I do is done on the Windows platforms. I mean I do use a Mac at work but... it's kind of whack. Mac OS 9 don't even have a unix shell... I know I CAN upgrade it to some flavor of Mac OSX, but it isn't really worth it to me. The hard drive is kinda small, and idk. It's too clunky for me to be using it for anything aside novelty. Now that I'm in college, it honeslty just collects dust in my bedroom at home. Whenever we have overnight guests, they stay in my room and see it and say wow nice computer. That's all Apple is to me really. Wow nice computer.
Lenovo Ideapad 300 2016 2017 The replacement. It was pretty hot, but it was VERY BIG AND VERY CLUNKY AND VERY LOUD!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Somebody ended up dropping it(it still works but it wasn't worth getting fixed, the screen and chassis is so fucked up that it would proabably fall apart while I'm using it), putting me back into mayday mode.
TRS 80 Model 100 1983 2017 My BASIC machine. It would've been better If the seller told me that none of the ports work tho.
HP Envy x360 2017 2017 The replacement. Everybody always asking me where u get that how much what are the specs. Like boiii you only like it cause it look like a mac. I only got it bc it was 100 dollars less than the one I was about to get. It's a good machine for doing video editing, office work, and very light gaming. It scuffs up very easily and gets loud sometimes (fans). I normally don't reccomend it, as I'd probably go for a different machine if I had the chance. I'm actually typing this article on it.
PowerSpec Desktop BIGASS 2018 2018 I saved for this for over a year. This the holy grail. This is it. This is what will get us to the moon gentlemen. PubG Ultraeverything nolag. Anything u got will run on this motherfucker. Shit, I even got it outfitted with Windows Mixed Reality and dual monitor??? Boiiiiiiiiii. My ONLY regert is that it does not support bluetooth, but that was nothing a dongle couldnt fix. The entire setup ended up costing less than 1500 USD. I reccomend this machine, I bought it to have something to power me through college and hopefully through the 2020s. But we'll see.