I read books. Constantly.
Last Updated: 8:51 PM EST 11/29/2023

Currently Reading

dune book 4

Backlog (no order)

No Longer Human
Legend of the Galatic Heroes
Record of Lodoss War
Pirates of Darkwater
Eight Six (eighty six, iv seen the anime but it's time to do the reading part)
The Black Company: Chronicles of The Black Company
The Kaiju Preservation Society
digital devil story book series
dai dark
The Name of the Wind
The Stormlight Archive Book 1
Infinite Jest
City of Golden Shadow: Otherland
The Dark Tower (i think i read this but i forgot all of it)
The Inheritance Cycle

Recently Completed

Maker of Moons
earthsea book 1
The King in Yellow
Weaveworld by Clive Barker
Digital Devil Story Book 1 really great audiobook!!
Lord of the Rings books 1-3
Every book in the Elric Saga

not recently completed but worth remembering

Dune 1,2,3
Imajica (my favorite novel)
IQ84 (murakami is insane)