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11:55 AM 8/24/2019

At it again with the sonic games. This is a great one on game gear, glad to share it with yall!
Protip from Milan Kusnjacic on 1 - start button
LEFT CTRL - fire
LEFT ALT - jump
LEFT/RIGHT ARROW - move left/right
P - pause game
F3 - quit game
1:42 PM 8/19/2019

Who says I can't put games on here? Nobody!
Protip from demimondance on Q - High Punch, A - Mid Punch
Z - Low Punch, W - High Kick
S - Mid Kick, X - Low Kick
Spacebar - Change Stance (move/fight)
Right Arrow - Forward, Left Arrow - Backward
If you get hit while not in fight stance it is insta death.
12:32 PM 5/19/2019

The Duduk is a really suave instrument! I love seeing people bring new things to jazz!

3:38 PM 2/16/2019

Really chill music. You can find some great stuff on the internet if you just 𝓡𝓸𝓸𝓴 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓲𝓽

3:48 PM 1/27/2019

My dude just standing there jumping thinking he's the shit lmao. This is so funny.

10:45 PM 1/21/2019

"Suppose, like a film, that could retain the images that glide so secretly through your brain,
have you ever tried to see the shadow world photograped by the retina?
And held suspended in its memory?"

This is my absolute favorite movie of all time.

2:20 PM 1/14/2019

Just watch

11:30 AM 11/27/2018

One of my favorite albums of ALL TIME.

1:40 AM 9/14/2018

I meant to post this a few months back, and just remembered what it was called.

Please enjoy this masterful supercut of computer displays in movies.
Some of the best editing I've seen tbh.

6:00 PM 8/22/2018

I haven't listned to Cuban music before! This is the stuff!

(it's funny how this 'nicolodeon' is quickly becoming a dance hall! I gotta find some better video content for this page before I'm forced to rename it lol)
PS: i like it at 1.25 speed

10:45 AM 7/18/2018

I know this style ain't normal for my site. But damn Brian.
He made a real banger here

9:13 PM 7/15/2018

A fantastic album that I was all over in freshman year of high school.
Hampton's a wizard on those vibes. This video gets taken down often, make sure you give it a listen while you still can!

(hot stuff!)

what's this? a double feature? ho-ho!

Another ghost in the wild, cop a listen before it's dead.
Some very hot precussion going on in there. Higly reccomended as always.

10:55 PM 5/29/2018

Old Skool tune from my grand parents' war years

(hot stuff!)

12:15 AM 7/2/2018

Old Skool tune from my parents' party years

4:50 PM 5/29/2018

Nice Movie about AR

12:41 PM 5/17/2018

Haven't seen this one in a while!

7:00 PM 4/19/2018

Talk about whiplash!
2:40 PM 4/15/2018

Learn somethin, will ya?
10:35 PM 4/7/2018

Hello, world
12:14 AM 3/20/2018

I have to get my life together..
4:14 PM 3/14/2018

Our RoboCop Remake - (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

6:00 AM 3/3/2018

saturday morning cartoons, but the night before.
9:00 PM 3/2/2018
2:53 PM 2/25/2018
12:11 AM 2/24/2018