Top 10 List

Wanna know what REALLY Grinds my gears? When people put the same basic ass things on every single fookin list like gosh damn. People go to these lists to expand their noggins and all you give them is plain old vitamin supplement. Basic old Vitamin R for regurgetation. Know what I'm saying? Well I'm through with it. Here's a top ten list of lists of dank shit. Some things will be regurgitated, some things will be new. All the movies on this list I have seen at least once.
  1. Hardware
  2. Movies not to be Slept on
  3. Ascended Anime
  4. Excellent Hacks
  5. Stay Woke
  6. Tasty Books
  7. Vidya
  8. Musics
  9. Animals
  10. Places to Obtain Food