I'm not gonna hold you i really fucked with this anime growing up!!! Like deadass this was one of the first anime i was a real actual fan of, and it's a shame since I came upon it fifteen years after it left the cultural zietgist.

However, after rewatching it for the first time since 2012, i'm finding that this anime, at least the first iteration of it, has some shortcomings. Rezo was a stupid villain. Like every time he was on screen im just thinking what an absolute dork. That fucking wizard that was stalking them in the third quarter was even worse than Rezo, so annoying, nothing funny to say!!! He was like that same pop up add that follows you to each youtube video you watch. Lina Inverse was either all powerful or like... not? It's hard to describe. Gourry is a great foil to Lina, but the way they say his name got on my nerves 😭

Getting whiplash over the Zelgladis VA switch was also not the coolest thing ever. Both VA's were great mind you, I just think it woulda been funnier to keep the first guy on, especially as he became more emotional throughout the show. Zelgladis didn't really stand out to me once he came back after his actor changed, which is unfortunate.

Did i mention i love the art?!? I love the art in this show btw. Hey have youy guys seen the art? Did you guys hear that intro? Hey guys wait shut up slayers is on. omg omg omg omg

despite all my complaints this show was still hype in the way that the 20000 calorie diabetes-inducing grilled cheese sandwich you always wanted to make gets you hype (yes i am fat). and like diabetes, slayers is always gonna have a place in my heart ❤️

PS: This show is really fun despite my complaining, if you like silly comedy shows you'll like Slayers. I also found this world to be pretty cool despite how silly everything is. If I was a tabletop RPG type of person I'd want to try out the one associated with this franchise.

PPSS: a little birdie in a forum told me rune soldier was better so i watched that after i watched this.

PPPSSS: I don't have diabetes! :D

9:43 PM EST December 29, 2023