Oshi No Ko review

sboilers maybe

Ya'll know that sound when you drop a big metal pipe on the ground? That's episode one. Just wham after wham all the way up until the end. Crazy ass prolog if i ever heard one. The show itself is pretty good too but the twists and turns this takes was a trip to behold.

As for the show itself, the drama I think was really well written. My only problem with the show is the perpetual whiplash I felt when u realize the main character is like 40 years old at this point. That part kinda yanked me out of the show a bit. Like damn bruh this gotta be the longest episode of twilight zone ever. I appreciate the lack fanservice in this anime, especially given the subject matter of the shadiness and harshness of the entertainment industry at large.

I sorta felt like in the latter quarter of the show, Aqua's character really took a back seat role. Not that it's a bad thing, Kana Arima's arc was both good and deserved i think, and it kinda set up an interesting dynamic for the next season.

Akane Kurokawa is a freaky motherfucker bro. Her impresson of Ai Hoshino was scary to me too. The crazy dynamic between Aqua, Ruby, and Kana is easily one of the weirdest i've seen so far.

If the next season doesn't come out soon, I'll certainly tune in to the manga (this means it's a high reccomend from me!). I just hope they turn up the heat and shit starts getting real as the story progresses on. I see that the manga is ongoing, I sure hope Aka Akasaka has an ending in mind.

10:47 PM November 2, 2023