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5:30 PM 5/25/2020
WOAHHHH, website with no brim!!!
10:14 PM 3/31/2020

Games I want

I'm gonna forget about these games if I don't list em out. Here's a list of interesting pics that I want to add to my collection at some point.
  1. Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero - This shit SLAPS. It's like megaman but multi player
  2. Curse Mega Drive
  3. Maniac Mansion - Nintendo NES
  4. Fantasy Zone (Sega Game Gear)
  5. Cloud Master (Sega Master System)
  6. FANTASY ZONE famicom
  7. Sega Master System Game Converter for Sega Game Gear
  8. Kaze Kiri Ninja Action

7:30 PM 2/27/2020

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12:20 PM 12/31/2019

Sup noyds! This is going to be my LAST post of the DECADE! It's been a c r a z y year. I FAILED calc 2, then passed it over the Summer through hours of ruthless studying. Made hella friends on DISCORD, a t t e m p t e d some collaborations (some worked, some didn't LMAO), and did some great networking! I am in the process of c l e a r i n g my mind, and focusing on what is imporant in my life. I learned a lot this year and this decade, and cannot wait to see what comes in the next one! CHEERS!

PS! I'm also going to be turning TWENTY on 1/1! It's kinda crazy to think i'll be entering a whole new age bracket. People won't look at me like a kid anymore. Maybe I'll by a new sega genesis and some pizza to celebrate..

3:40 PM 12/3/2019


Wow guys. Four years ago today I created this rinky-dink website as a funny little pastime. Over the past few years, however, it has grown to nothing short of a BEAST of a project, and it's been a lot of fun! Thanks for staying with me for so long guys, here's to another great year!

8:47 PM 11/4/2019

My finger, through space, glides as if by the force of a magnet to the plastic square button. Cold, but welcoming upon impact. Beneath my trembling index, the worn nubs of braille spell "UP" as I retract to my person. Fixated upon the numbered display atop the double doors, the lights countdown .. fifty... forty... thirty...

A small but noticeable knot begins to well in my stomach. I grit my teeth and allow my gaze to wander beyond the tungsten display, up the smooth marble wall, to the delicate cream-colored cornice, and the wilting stucco above.


Before the door completely opens, a pointy black shoe escapes with the wind, and many follow. They have a cab to catch. I enter the elevator alone.

4:30 PM 10/25/2019

Press any key to continue..

1:55 AM 9/24/2019

Link dump

12:45 PM 8/11/2019

Hey all! I'm finally uploading my music to neocities! Like the songs? I have enough content to upload a song every day for at least a few years... so maybe I'll do that? If you want to use any of my music for any project, ping me on discord first!

1:40 PM 7/23/2019

Deadass? Are yall deadass right now? 215 followers? y'all are too much. I have a meeting in a few minutes but I just wanted to let yall know that I really adore neocities and the community we have built here. This website turns a lame day into a great day for me, and I really cannot thank yall enough for that. Thank you.

10:47 PM 7/14/2019

The game is done!! Check it out!. This was my first time using the game engine!

8:00 PM 7/10/2019

I'll keep it short. Post 2 genres you want me to combine in a weekend gamedev project. I'll work on the game from saturday-sunday and post on sunday night. No online/3d/erotic genres allowed. I'll check this feed on sat and start devving then. Whichever combo gets the most likes will be what I work with. May the games begin!

Game engine contenders:

11:40 AM 6/28/2019

Gdday BIG people. Balencing an online life is certainly a job aint it. One account and circle of friends on neocities, another on a nother platform, it's certainly a lot. Wanna know what else is a lot? The world. Some nutty things have been happening lately. But you wanna know what gets me through the day? The Minute Hour. This is unironically the best channel on youtube so get yo twiddle dee twiddle dum see my pinky and my thumb ass over there and smash that subscribe button with the force of a thousand sons. Thanks

11:10 AM 6/21/2019

Sup NeoNeighbors, It's been a while since I made an official post like this, and I just wanted to touch base with you all! How have things been? Hopefully better for you than for me. I'm retaking Calculus II, my workload at work is picking up, and I've got a handful of side projects running, some of which you may see! Wish all of you well!

7:35 PM 5/27/2019

Another link dump

NGROK tutorial
Audio Memes
I used technology to alleviate my anxiety
How much of what you see is a hallucination? - Elizabeth Cox I'm Quitting: Painful Truth About Drawing Tablet Reviews [Scribble Kibble #106]
Hideout Movie

2:16 PM 5/19/2019

YEEEEE HAAWWWWWW! School is OH-VER!! (not really lol I'm taking summer classes). In efforts to utilize the music tag this website holds, I made a quick video about how I make music in Caustic 3.

Sorry for the low quality, I was trying to conserve space. Here is the final song:

I visualized it with a tool called Audiogram (if this version doesnt work for you, copied it over and switched out the CDN for the video rendering library, you can see my verision here.
8:30 PM 4/27/2019

Hey guys. Nothing really important here.. I reealized i have about 70 tabs of firefox open, and I want to keep track of some of the interesting pages I find around the net, maybe y'all will be interested in those too...

Would you guys be interested in a "Neat links from around the web" series that would be published every day/2 days? Let me know!

5:30 PM 4/22/2019

Currently sitting in a high rise office building surrounded by fog and remaints of the old world. Liquid crystal displays project passionless shadows upon the wall, and materialize before me, disintegrating in passing. Time falls between my fingers as they dance accross they keyboard. The hum of the ventilation system coos and sings songs of tranqulitiy, purity, and peace.

9:35 PM 4/15/2019

What's cracking, mates?

Due to some mounting adipose tissue in my lower abdominal area, I have considered becoming "active". I'm not much of a gym person, and I'd want to get into something practical. Though I do have a bike or two, they are not very practical with my current living arrangement. So here's a list of some ridables I'm considering. I'm only including electrics because my area is dumb hilly. Another consideration was the ability of the vehicle to do off-roading. This is only important because many sidewalks are not well maintained/of consistant material. Terrain is very bumpy.

3:16 PM 3/27/2019

Hey guys. School has me by the buns at the moment, so I haven't really been able to dedicate as much time as I possibly could to the ol' bloggeroo. I'm currently working on an essay for my english class. To help me focus with that class, I created a distraction free typing tool that you can use here. [READ FIRST LOL] You type into the darkness, and copy everything into a propor text editor when you're done. All you have is you and your thoughts to type, so no other windows or other distractions to take your attention off what you're typing (meant to be used in full screen mode on a laptop where the monitor cannot be easoily switched off). It's a technique I use when I'm having writers block to start getting content for my essays to flesh out. Try it out!

10:39 PM 3/9/2019

Gdevenin gents, I was looking for that one song where the opera singers go are mostly saying MY SON MY SON (but the actual song was written for a guy whos son died) but I forgot the name for it, but as I was looking for the song but instead I found this. It's a challenge where you have to write a new song every day. I can def manage that and would be dedicated but would yall be interested in a thing like that? It's a lil out of my comfort zone, but I'd be willing to do that. Anyway, let me know in the comment section! (or in the BBS, it doesnt matter)

PS: if yall ever wanna try finding the song it goes MY SON MY SON MY SON MY SON like a billion times. It's a really beautiful composition. I recall the artist being associated with the year 1975 in some way. Good luck

1:55 PM 3/2/2019

THE BBS is back!

3:50 PM 2/10/2019

HYuCKK. Just a quick update: I'm moving the Whomst zone to another account. Why, you might ask? I want to be able to show it off to other people, and put it on my IRL resume. Because this site is more of a chill doodle room than anything else, I want to be able to show potential employers my VR work without having to show them this place. More of a housekeeping thing than anything else. The URL should still work. That's all for now.

12:51 PM 2/4/2019

YERRRRRRRRRRR I finally finished Altered Carbon, and it was quite the ride! On the surface, the story revolves around a dude who is hired to investigate the murder of a wealthy buisnessman. However, it is far more complicated than that. Richard K Morgan's tale takes place in a world where the self (or "Stack") and the body are two seperate entites, one sacred and special, and the other acommodity. Bodies, like cars, are bought, sold, and produced on a whim. What I found very interesting was how the society of Altered Carbon reacts and interacts with this concept. Needless to say, it's a pretty good read. The netflix adaptation is a good watch, but it deviates slightly from the book. It's a good watch, but read the book first, then watch the show, then read the book again. I think the show did a really nice job visually, and it stands on its own as a television program, but it's been so long since I last saw it that I can't make a full comparison. I still had a ton of fun with the both of them, and I'm told there's a sequel to the book, so you bet your ass I'll be reading that one too!

2:30 PM 1/29/2019

Boy boy 150 followers TwT I don't even have anything ready for you guys this time, but thank you everyone ❤ yall are the best!
Super shoutout to my wonderful girlfriend for inspiring me and everything ❤❤❤.

3:00 PM 1/13/2019

YOOOO what's good gang! I swear every time I try to make some new years content, I get lazy and don't post it. But hey, I've made some new content for the whomst zone! I'm currently fixing some issues with links, but the page is pretty much done. The BBS I was running has been shut down for the time being, mainly because I can't monitor the server on a daily basis at the moment. It should be back up within the next month.

I've been toying around with the bing search API lately, and I was successfully able to make an image search tool with some minimal code (in all honesty it's a clean interpretation of the demo code)! My API key only lasts a week, meaning you probably won't see a public version. In the meantime, check out this video demo [AVI, 28.6 MB] of the site in action.

It's written in PHP, but I'm currently in the process of switching from PHP to ReactJS and Node. I really liked PHP by the way, but I guess if I want to do anything as a back end dev in the future, this is the way to go. Oh well, such is life.

This post is not entirely complete, so stay tuned! lol sike

6:45 PM 12/31/2018

When I first started going to school in Newark in 2009, there was a kid with yellow eyes on the corner of the highway that used to sell Welch's Gummies. I saw him there today, walking in the rain, holding an empty box of Welch's, and cursing at cars.

Damn, life really be like that.

Happy New Year everybody

1:15 PM 12/13/2018

Howdy do, webrunners. I know I havn't had a proper update in decades, but I've been doing a few things behind the scenes that may be of intrest to you.

  1. College
  2. Midterms & Final Exams
  3. this
  4. my job
  5. my internship at a local radio station
  6. my sanity
  7. my time management skills
  8. me

I also just aquired an HP 200LX from ebay.

Lotus 1 2 3 is especially useful since I think about buisness spreadsheets often...... is that a good thing?

1:07 PM 11/7/2018

What's up gamers. On my way from the school cafeteria, I happened upon a two star dragon ball. Nobody seemed to notice, so I just grabbed it and left. Six more left to go. Wish me luck!

2:55 AM 10/9/2018

Guess who got locked out of his dorm? This guy!

Looks like Muta found a neocities website:

11:51 PM 10/5/2018

APPSIR released a DOS game:
Ya heard it here first!

12:29 AM 9/21/2018


fu:ck AM 9/20/2018


8:20 PM 9/18/2018

Ughhhh life. My computers are fucking up big time. My MAIN rig just decided to pop a Code 12 error with the wifi card, ANND my main LAPTOP's sound card K-O'ed!!! Rip.

In other news, after this next reboot imma upload some interesting texts I found on telehack.. then I'll get to doing some homework

1:08 AM 9/14/2018

Howdy-do y'all. College life is bogging me down, I finnaly have a free moment to make a quick post. That Windows 95 project I was telling yall about is progressing VERY slowly as yall can see, so its gonna be a hot minute before we see some progress on that front. In other news, it's Friday morning, and Thursday eve-Friday morn is partytime on my campus. It's interesting kinda how they all chose Thursday night to party instead of Friday.... quaint.

If you thought I was gonna update this site without doo-dads you had another thing coming. I slowed down and low-pass filtered Cartoon's "Reason Why We Lose" in Audacity. Listen here. I thought it came out rather nice, tell me what you think!

Drama Alert These websites look oddly familiar...

4:27 PM 8/30/2018

Any of y'all have a really short IRL name? My IRL name is just eight letters. It's kinda unique and easy to remember. Is that a good thing? Maybe. I like it. But people remember it much quicker than I remember their names. Feeling kinda

about that lol, not really tho. I just gotta be better at rememebering names. Thats my new years resolution! Remembering names! Happy New Year Everybody!

11:29 AM 8/23/2018

Boy-o-boy is this website looking cluttered! Is a redesign in order? Or some minor tweaks perhaps? Maybe overflow-x: hidden; might make it look better on mobile, we'll see.

I got 2 projects for the site goin at the current moment, (not including WHOMST ZONE). One being the Windows 95 thingy I told yall about, and the other being secret!

That's about it for now folks, I really should upload my music more often!

10:50 PM July 30, 2018

Gee whiz! 91 followers?? Where the hell did you all come from?! Thank you all so much!
I've also released the Tee Shirt!

9:10 PM July 15, 2018

Gdday maties. I've altered the date format to be slightly more readable.[siiiiike] Nothing's really new I guess. I got a scholarship from my job so... that's good. Nothing much else to say I guess.. stay tuned for updates on other channels!

10:18 PM 7/7/2018

feels bad man
3:50 PM 6/27/2018

Minor update today. I made a hit-counter similar to dotcomboom's neohitz. However mine uses PHP instead of Node.js . Why did I make this? Idk. Challenge I guess. anyway, here it is in action:

How does it work? Simple:
[embed width="88" height="31" src=""]

Replace the []'s with <>'s, and the yudosai with your site's name. It uses the neocities info API. Let me know how you like it in the comment section, and maybe I'll add some style features!

5:03 PM 6/26/2018

What's rolling, scoots. One thing that's been on my mind is that TRS 80 that still lingers behind in High School. No doubt it will continue to sit in the back of the room, and sooner or later, they'll trash it. I simply don't have to space to keep it my home, and it is quite unfortunate that such a nice machine as that will meet its demise in a computer science classroom. But maybe I'm being pessimistic. Perhaps the next computer science teacher will make use of it, and use it to inspire some students. Well in any event, I've posted a TRS 80 Model 3 Emulator to honor that ol' machine. Be sure to send me any [PUBLIC DOMAIN] TRS 80 roms, as the emulator in it's current state only runs BASIC.

4:00 PM 6/23/2018

Hello everyone. Not that the bills are piling up or anything like that, but I've been wanting to do something with my art.. which I havent really dablled with since I finished a program at Cooper Union in 2016. So yeah. Art + money + self sustaining site? Sounds tasty. But leave your feedback here. I'd be using Teespring. Let me know how you feel!

10:37 PM 6/19/2018

What's sizzling fam. Hot cool remix coming at you like a bullet train on slick tracks, here it is, a vaporwave inspired chop of Boo'd Up:

In other news, I just graduated high school last week. So that was pretty cool. However, my highschool does a weird thing where you have to go to school after graduation.. so oof. But tomorrow is my last day. I'm bringing my GAMECUBE!

12:50 AM 6/10/2018

Hey guys. I decided to record my post for today rather than type it.. so here it is.

10:10 AM 6/8/2018

Suh dud. Its ya main lad, host with the most, bobby with the hobby, dog on the log, killlllerrrrrrrrrrr KEEEMS- uhh sai? Keemsai?? No thanks lol. But yeah here's hunt the wumpus: Download the QBASIC source and Windows Binary (x64)-- 31Kb. THe port is based on this version of the game. That's all I got for yall now, let me know if you have any questions!

4:25 PM 6/5/2018

So I was drinking some DR.BROWN's "The Original" Cream Soda today and I kind of had an appifany. This soda.. is kinda empty. I mean don't get me wrong this stuff is tasty but it's like the difference between eating a peanut butter sandwitch and a peanut butter and Jelly sandwitch. What's the jelly of the cream soda, you might ask? Well, let me tellll you. When I was in DC, we made some yeast root beer. Now in the beginnig I thought it tasted horrible. However, after my third, and unfortunatly last, bottle, I found that I was in love with this taste. It was like the second story to the drink, giving it new life and hardness, one that I didn't taste in any other normal sodas. I think that that's what's missing in the cream soda. It nEEDS the yEAST.

PS: I also programmed my own version of Hunt the Wumpus in QBASIC over the past few days. It's for my compsi final (due friday) but you should see it posted before then.

1:32 AM 6/4/2018

Sup guys. The batteries in my Gameboy DMG 101 have exploded and made scary popping noises. This simply will not do. This is an abomination. The batteries were forcibly (and saftely) removed from the DMG and many Q-Tips were sacrificed in cleaning it's corroded battery compartment. In fact I was so utterly dissatisfied with my gameboy that I purchased a new one. SSoooooooo I'll be posting pics of that new Gameboy in the coming weeks. See ya then!

10:48 PM 6/1/2018

Prom was last night, I had a blast. All I wanted to say lol, talk to yall soon!

3:47 PM 5/27/2018

What's popping yall. HELLA updates today. We got the 70 subscriber special, a new button for this groooovy dude I just found out about named Jack Stauber. On top of all this, I'll also repost a new favorite of mine, my boi James Reese Europe recorded this number, Amapa, in 1913 with is society orchestra. Its in public domain so its ok to post ;), give it a listen!

1:25 AM 5/22/2018

Hello everyone! Big ol' update this one is! I've decided to release my progress on the whomst zone. I'm not sure if i'm going to be working on it again anytime soon, but it's not forgotten (unlike Project OMEGA, LOL). All the music is written by me and don't use it for any projects unless ya ask first. But yup, it's a Janus-inspired "world" if you can even call it that. Feel free to explore and link to the button below!

9:54 AM 5/15/2018

69 followers?? 😎 I'm flattened. I haven't forgotten about the subsicriber special! I recorded the story again the other day, expect to see it soon!

But other news, I've created a dank lil button for the Alice Isn't dead podcast, check it out on the links page!

10:25 AM 5/7/2018

Wakanda Name Generator:

2:00 PM 5/4/2018

(satrical rant alert)

Can I make a statemet? Can I say something really quick? Can I fucking state something for once? Nerds these days uggin SHIT over mechanical keyboards. I just wanted to say that I've been rollin on on this Dell Quietkey since the year 2000. And don't give me that "I was too young" bullshit. You knew what you wanted. You knew what you needed.

And all you "Microsoft Surface with Windows RT" people can eat trash too. I used it in Staples. That keyboard does not even exist. It's just a piece of plastic with letters on it. Even worse than on screen keyboards. You know what? Don't eat trash. If you're still running Windows RT using that ass keybard and can take it than you are a true trooper. In all seriousness, coming from someone who used a 1935 Woodstock Typewriter keybaord more than an actual computer keyboard as a kid, I need that tactile feedback when I'm typing. But then again, yall know I cant speak, back in 2015 I used to edit this site on Safari on my Iphone 3GS. Pure hell.

But you want to know what damns my jam even more than trashy keyboards? Want to know what is? Its chromebooks. Let me give you some backstory. Back in 2011, my middle school was a Piloting a program for the first generation of chromebooks by Samsung. No apps. No durability. Just internet. I was horrified. Back then I wasn't too deep into the internet, so being able to download programs for offline use was an important element of my life. Aside from the novelty of G-Chat and Google Video..Chat.. somethin (now called "hangouts"), the chromebooks were not very good. The mousepads were a gamble each time you placed your fingers on them, and connections were spotty. They had the build quality of a plastic bag, so they broke very often. Nowadays yall chromebookies enjoy the build quality of normal laptops.

1:23 PM 4/26/2018

Stuck in my head...

4:50 PM 4/17/2018

Hey guys, still working on the 50 subscriber special, in the meantime, try traveling 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Tell me what you find in the comments! Good Luck

1:50 PM 3/27/2018


Special thanks to all 50 followers and everyone else that views this site. THis site is one of the only projects I've ever really focused on for more then 2 days, and you guys have been my inspiration in keeping it running for almost 3 years now! Y'all really rock.

I'm going to do a 50 follower special by reading a story from somewhere, probably rainstormsinjuly, but in the meantime, y'all can check out this lil clip of me hacking on

Thanks again!

12:28 AM 3/22/2018

Ever used a MOO? Try out Lambda MOO whenever you get the chance, it's worth the trip!

I know I posted this on my old telnet page, but what ever lol
9:00 PM 3/20/2018

Like I promised!

Why is everything upside down! Shoutout to Quokka for helping me fix the images! Thanks Quokka!
To make it up for you guys, I'll upload pics of my TRS80 model 100 and game stuff. Stay Tuned.

10:18 PM 3/18/2018

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but this is a groovy Web 1.0 website from 1994 that's still kind of active. It's called! It has a bunch of "web art" from way back in the day. Enjoy!

2:10 PM 3/17/2018

How meta can you get? List of Lists of Lists

2:02 PM 3/15/2018

Hey guys, been wanting to show yall this for a while. Here's my school's TRS-80 Model 4!

The teacher that used to use it for the Compsci Class, who oftentimes brought his vintage machines to school, quit in 2015. And the computer has sat unused until... I came along >:) I purchased $40.00 worth of boot disks, manuals, and games for the machine. Next week I'll post some pics of this baby in action! Cheers!

4:20 PM 3/14/2018

We have a new movie in the movie room!!! I havent watched the whole thing yet but it loooks exciting. Let me know how it is in the comments!

11:30 PM 3/11/2018

Good evening. I'm gonna keep this brief.
If you're bored you should check this website out: Choose Your Story.
It's a great place to lurk and play adventure games.
Good luck

11:30 AM 3/8/2018

Good morning. Snow day today! There's something big I need to discuss with you guys. I've been wanting to add a BIG VR update to this site for a while. Like a HUGE one. But for the longest time I had no idea what direction it was going to take. However, after doing some lurking on I thought I knew what I was going to do. I planned to use the Super Mario 64 map for peach's castle (mainly because of it's small file size and detail), and a few others as some of the rooms for the project (which would be similar to project Omega, but with an exploration theme to it). I had the map all downloaded and scaled to work for VR and everything, but there was one thing that stood in my way. DMCA Strikes!!! I don't want to put my site in jeopardy because of copyrights or whatever. So I won't be uploading that. So after 4 hours of messing with 3d modeling programs, I settled with MagicaVoxel to make my maps with. Here's a screenshot of how it looks so far:

However, its a little slow when it loads, and the performace is not as good as it could be. But yall know neocities is all about the aesthetics. Would you rather me make some 3D models in MagicaVoxel (not as good performance, but aesthetics are good) or just use the A-Frame shapes (it would look lame, but performance would be better) for the project?

PS: I own the domain, and I'm going to use that to link to it :)

11:00 PM 2/25/2018

I'm not sure if I posted this already but yall NEED to play this game. It's an old HTML title written in the mid 90's called "CyberMUD". It's a really fun choose-your-own adventure game that I think is pretty historic. It was written before I was born but anyone who's been on telnet will feel the nostalgia lol. Check it out!

12:04 PM 2/22/2018

Hello internet. Welcome to game th3ory. I just wanted to give a the site a new kind of flair. I gave the look a huge overhaul so I guess that's a thing. No more hotlinking for me. VR is still an intrest, so is music and this that or thereother. I'm going to post some more stuff whenever.