6:30 PM 3/19/2024

MW Review - 18+!!!!

spoiler warning as well.. CW: Rape, Murder, Mass Murder, and overall bad people doing bad things

Just finished reading MW by Osamu Tezuka

The ending with the twin brother was kinda corny but expected. overall, the manga was a real page turner.

Tezuka really knew how to write fuckass characters. Garai's a damn shotacon and Yuki is batshit insane. The brother subplot ending was mildly annoying, I wish the story got crazier tbh. This feels similar to Monster in many ways, tho Yuki is scarier than Johan since he just be killing with glee! Monster also isn't as scary bc many of the characters in MW are also morally fucked people, way moreso than in Monster in my opinion. You'd think seeing Yuki destroy everyone who had any connection to the many ways he was wronged would be cathartic, but it really wasn't for me. Garai kidnapped and raped Yuki, and the Trauma of the MW massacring everyone on the same day traumatized them both. The pain train just keeps going.

Ever stride he took left a hellfire of destruction behind, and it was sort of comical that the cops were hardly able to place the blame on him until shit really hit the fan in the end. And he eventually got away with it!? like..

I remember somebody said that this was sort of a response to people saying Tezuka could only write stuff for kids and light hearted stories, but damn he went IN on the "nuh uh" for this manga.

Stuff that stood out to me

Moral of the story: Men will do literally everything but go to therapy!!!

I think what made this worse for me was that I read it while on the A train in NYC... Did you know somebody got shot in the head on the A train a few days ago? I didn't, until I eavesdropped on some people while I was waiting on the platform. That's why there were so many cops everywhere. Anyway going from hearing that to reading this manga while seated put me on edge a little. Don't bring this manga on the train with you please!