maker of moons

Robert Chambers is a skilled writer. He knows how to craft an eerie world that draws you in, and all the moving parts that go with it. This is as true for his other tales as well as this short story. That is where the compliments end however.

This story is deeply rooted in Xenophobia, more specifically Anti-Chinese Sentiment. Once I realized this, saw how much of the story is drenched in hateful rhetoric. So much of the allegory in the story reads (to me) as a manic fear of China, Chinese people, as well as an irrational fear of China taking over the world.. er.. "corrupting" the "pure" western status quo. All elements of the story feed into this fear. It's frankly disgusting and it ruins everything good about the work for me.

I was so grossed out I didn't even read the other maker of moons tales tbh. maybe they're good.. maybe they're bad... who cares!!! fuck you bob chambers!!

9:10PM EST Novemb 29, 2023