4:09 PM 1/29/2024

Legend of Lemnear OVA (no plot spoilers bc it the story was too boring to talk about)

See I saw the amazing art from Langrisser and I had to check out Satoshi Urushihara's other works. And at the top of his wikipedia entry, I found a lil series called Legend of Lemnear. Tho I don't have as much time to read the manga as I'd like, I did eventually find the OVA for it and thought it would be a fun watch. Was it worth it? Ehhhhh

Some of the action sequences were quite cinematic, but the pacing of the story and plot stuff was non existant. It felt like an animated summary which I mean, that's probably what it is? Some people say "it's so bad it's good" but I disagree with that take. The animation was pretty nice overall despite some janky body horror sections, and 80s english dubs don't really bug me so no issues there. The big problem was that story beats were kinda just shown off without an ounce of tension, and it really left me empty at the end. I would not say it's "so bad it's good", but I would say if you like flashy animation and pretty characters I guess.. you could certainly do better.

This is probably the first time I saw an anime and got less interested in the manga after watching it. Lemnear readers out there, how do you feel about this one? This feels like a fanservice (in all meanings of the word) type of film, but arent fan service films supposed to be at least a little fun? Maybe I'm too spoiled and plotpilled to enjoy this.

Had I been about 10 years younger I probably would have really enjoyed the care put into the animation in this movie. I mean back then one of my favorite anime films was Birth from 1984, and that one is probably on ice just as thin plo wise... but ay at least it's got soul! Or does it? I'll rewatch it and let you know! :D

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