Verb Stuff

active 3rd person plural
mood tense
he walks
 indicative present
 he was walking
 indicative  imperfect
he will walk
 indicative  future
 he walked
 indicative  perfect
 he had walked
 indicative  pluperfect
 he will have walked
 indicative  future perfect

Noun Stuff

nominative subject of sentence/predicate
genative dependant/owner ship.  bird is now "of bird"
dative to hom the action of the main verb is referring to. I give a sandwich "to you"
accusative object of sentence/predicate
ablative usually accompanied by prepositions in engluiish. From, With, In, By. I eat WITH MY FRIEND.

fem nouns singular plural
nom fēmina fēminae
gen fēminae fēminārum
dative fēminae fēminīs
accusative fēminam fēminās
ablative fēminā fēminīs