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7:26 PM 3/24/2017

Sup y'all.
Pasta's been the same as usual.
The DC life is nice. Seeing congressmen, strolling around town.
Meeting different people has been a swell experiece, but I'm on spring break now. Chilltime.

8:51 AM 1/29/2017

Hey guys. I just moved to Washington DC for a program I'm apart of. I'm dorming with some other cool people and living right next to the Captial Building. Its kinda crazy living this far from my family for so long, but also really cool. It forces me to get out of my comfort zone and have new experiences.

Besides of all the shenanigans going on in the White House right now, DC is and has always been an interesting place for me. I was actually planning to move here a few years back so I'm already pretty aquainted with the city. Making friends has been a blast and beng able to speak so openly on different topics has been great.

More updates as they come, c-ya!

11:12 AM 1/12/2017

Happy New year everybody. I'm working on publishing the details of project OMEGA as we speak.
Tell your friends about it!
3:30 PM 12/26/2016
12:07 AM 12/28/2016

Happy holidays everyone.
I'm working on embedding hyperlinks in VR and I'm calling it peoject OMEGA. Check it out in the link above!

How to Use
Just look at the blue box to activate the link. Simple eh?

6:43 PM 11/2/2016

Hey guys,
Looks like my site has fallen from the home page. But that's ok. Its all good. Just gonna keep postin as usual.


I got a new laptop. It's a TRS-80 Model 100, came with manual and everything. Super stoked to use the cable I just bought for it, will keep you posted!

3:58 PM 10/8/2016

Good Afternoon all.
I've been working on a little something to show you guys. It's a Homepage Builder.
I allows you to make a little homepage with links and music in the background. Check it out on the tools page!
It's a work in progress.

I've also added a youtube jukebox if you like that sort of thing....

5:10 PM 9/22/2016

Sup guys.
School's been up and active. It seems like my website's on the front page of neocities now (which is FANTASTIC)

8:23 AM 8/31/2016


9:35 AM 8/20/2016

Virtual reality is awesome. I'm currently experimenting aframe. It combines the technology of three.js with the POWER of HTML markup. Jump in to another realm, now!

1:21 PM 7/24/2016

NEW EP: Cemporary Society

9:00 AM 7/18/2016

I just got a new phone
That could potentially mean more frequent site updates. However...
editing websites in safari is not really my forte. But I'll do my best to push more frequent, and higher quality content to you all!

1:10 PM 7/9/2016

If you like to go on telnet sites then you have probably came to a point where you ran out of sites to visit. Many of the telnet site repositories are full of dead links. That is why I have created a page which provides an up-to-date resource on telnet (and possibly gopher) sites. Please message me if you have a site you wish to share.

11:54 AM 7/3/2016

Mobile App compatibility added!

2:39 PM 6/11/2016


4:22 PM 6/9/2016

I told you I'd be updating soon! I just realized that the about page is kinda bland so I figuered that I'll update it... Also GAMEZ. I made a few HTML5 games before my good laptop died a few years back, so I'll upload it in a jiff.

4:36 PM 6/8/2016

Ughh finals.
It's not all bad but I sure hope they calm down soon because it's beginning to drain me. As soon as finals are over I swear I'm going to make an awesome landing page.

I've written literally at least fifty presentable songs (I write 1-2 a day on average) to destress. I have about 5 EP's worth of content to share but all that happens after testing.
See you then! :-(

1:30 PM 5/29/2016

Hey guys... school's beginning to calm down.... almost.
Finals are coming up and after that it's chilltime.
By the way, did'ya like the song? I made it a few months back but never posted it anywhere...

perhaps next week's post will be a bit more interesting..

5:32 PM 5/22/2016

3:46 PM 5/11/2016

It's been pretty stressful. But I'm pulling through, I hope X(.

6:08 PM 3/5/2016


Nothing's really new.
I'm just trying to keep my grades up.
My GPA's dancing around and around and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY

12:16 AM 2/12/2016

YO, YO, YO!!!
My new mix is about to come out soon! Just gotta finalize the tracks!!!!!!

11:03 PM 1/28/2016

Wow 1000 views! Cool
Webcomic in the works,
Thank you for visiting!

3:14 PM 1/25/2016

Hey guys, short time no see.
I'm releasing an EP soon and I'll post a link for that mess when it's released.
Another cool thing that's happening is that I found my drawing stylus!
Which means new art!!
(PS: In case you haven't tried it out yet, this website works quite nicely in the Lynx browser, so be sure to check that out!)
See ya!

3:57 PM 1/4/2016

Happy new year!
Major overhauls coming soon!

12:02 AM 12/27/2015
Merry Blated Christmas! I'm attempting to make a responsive webpage using merely HTML, without any CSS whatsoever!
It's not progressing very well at all :(.
Here's a hyperlink if you wanted to check it out, but it's looking pretty lame right now :/.

4:18 PM 12/23/2015

This website has now been redesigned to look less cluttered. hyperlinks coming soon!!

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