Jazz History Study guide

(the tables thing wasn't working out)

1-Maple Leaf Rag, Scott Joplin Ragtime

2-The Entertainer, Scott Joplin Ragtime

3- Deep Moanin Blues, Ma Rainey, Blues, The mother of the blues

4- Bessie Smith, Second Fiddle, Blues, The Empress of the Blues, Louis Armstrong playing the cornett and opens it up, main instrument is voice, ma rainey was her mentor,

5- Dippermouth Blues - King Oliver, blues or early jazz, Louis Armstrong on cornet, King Oliver was his mentor, they're both playing together, song is about armstrong (armstrong is dippermouth), king oliver said no to the cotton club gig

6- West End Blues - Louis Armstrong, Blues or jazz, improvisation to begin, first great jazz solo, Armstrong taught the world to swing, Cornett LONG SOLO

7- Cornet Chop Suey - Louis Armstrong early jazz, Armstrong taught the world to swing, short simpy solo in beginning

8- Potato Head Blues - Louis Armstrong early jazz, Armstrong taught the world to swing, TUBA, hot 5

9- Black and Blue - Louis Armstrong jazz, Fats Waller composer, Protest song

10- Singin' the blues - Bix Beiderbecke early jazz, first great white soloist (played cornett in this song), Armstrong was his hero, played piano, died young, C melody sax, guitar

11- Summertime - Sidney Bechet early jazz, soprano saxophone, popular in france, king of soprano sax, Creole of Color, went to jail bc he shot somebody over musical disagreement

12- Handful of Keys - Fats Waller Stride piano, great composer

13- Tiger Rag - Art Tatum Stride piano, extreme virtuoso, 75% blind, the MAYNE, his own genre of stride

14- East St Louis Toodle-O - Duke Ellington jazz, Bubber Miley/plunger on trumpet, Duke played the Cotton Club, the cotton club was desigined to look like a plantation, duke is on piano

15- Creole Love Call - Duke Ellington jazz, Adelaide Hall, 20s jazz

16- Body and Soul - Coleman Hawkins swing, first great tenor saxophonist, "the Bean" and "hawk" ((don't get him confused with charlie parker))

17- These Foolish Things, Lester Young swing, pres, second great tenor saxophonist, friends with Billie Holiday, the "president"

18- Am I Blue? - Billie Holiday swing, Lady Day, inspired by Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong

19- Mary's Idea - Mary Lou Williams swing, first great female composer and arranger, played piano

20- A Tisket, A Tasket - Ella Fitzgerald swing, 16 years old at the Apollo with Chick Webb