10:15 PM EST Jan 28 2024

Heavenly Delusion (thoughts + spoilers!!!)

all those comment section theororizers really got my gears moving. that last section has certainly left me with so many questions. Shiro is the doc? Maru has a clone? Robin ain't Robin? What was that Hiruko man-eater that he was keeping? What happned to Tokio and the baby? At this point I feel like I should just read the manga.

Anyway yeah it was good. Yeah it was alright. Yeah it mighta changed my life a lil bit. Yeah I kinda love it. Yeah it was aight. Yeah i want answers. Yeah I'll be watching season 2, season 3, and whatever else they fuckin want me to watch honestly. It's that good.

That ending left me in SHOCK tho. im totally flushed

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