3:45 AM Jan/23/2024

Tower of Druaga (spoilers)

Season 1 - Aegis of Uruk - end of season thoughts

- interesting ending, i guess kaia was a troll all along? this show is very smiple

- neeba is kinda stupid. he just comes accross as a compotent brat rather than a character. his entire character is like one of those roman statue PFPs that quote 4chan all day - "if only you knew how bad things really were" ass nigga.

Season 2 - Sword of Uruk - random thoughts

Ep 1: If this was a seinen jil would become a vegetable rn. Lil girl that looks like ur ex who betrayed u comes up to u and asks the same question ur ex asked when she first met that's insane

Ep 7: Okay i cried on episode 7

neema's daily afformations:
- belive in the delusions
- lie to everyone to succeed
- get ready we have a long journey ahead
- FAMILY(?) he does save jil a few times


Despite more than a few things not making sense, this show was quite a fun and fufilling watch. I'm notmally not a sucker for shonen like this, but that satisfied something in me. The characters aside from neeba were all really enjoyable, and the directing was fantastic. This show really struck a cord with me that's incredibly difficult to put into words. Not nostalgia, I didn't see this show growing up, but the story was mostly tight and i think that's okay with me.

I also really really like fantastical ancient settings over the typical medeval fantasy we see. Kid Icarus, Ys(does this count), Druaga all come to mind here. Ancient inspired worlds hit that weird uncanny valley of being within the realm of beleif (since they were real places) but so far removed from our current way of life that it feels fantastical, and a dream to uncover. Maybe that's just the archeologist in me talking, but yeah thats how i feel about it!

One interesting thing i noticed is that (i think) Neeba actually kills the most people on screen compared to everyone else. And not just random people, he kills characters people care about. The way Jil said "damn" after running from Neeba's body is pretty baller. Kinda wish Jil had some time to cope instead of queing the ending sequence.

Neeba was mostly just omni man without the less sass, and less dilf energy but with added delusions. They should have made him funny! Still an easy reccomend tho. The distant relative character was kinda weak. If anything i wish they redid the show as either a seinen manga/anime (actually do i want it to be a seinen? i'm not sure. it works well as a shonen... I just like how the the seinens i enjoy tend to push the story in way more interesting directions), or a strategy RPG with like visual novel elements or something. I was thinking about playing thru this show as if it were farland story or something, could you imagine that? With the voice acting and everything from the show but all the fight scenes are SRPG battles. That woulda been so baller....

update after a night of sweet dreams

12:18 PM 1/23/2024

Kaaya's personality kinda went away during season 2 which was a shame really. I guess she was feeling remorseful for betraying Jil and the others, but man i feel like it woulda been funny if she started annoying neeba with her bubbly attitude.

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