1:27 AM April 21, 2024

Dororo(manga) Review

Unfiltered Thoughts + Opinions (and spoilers!!)

This is a really fun manga overall, however I am very dissapointed in the ending. Or rather, the non ending. I was enjoying the adventures that the characters had been going on, and was excited to see what direction the story was going to take, but as the pages dwindled down, it (very) slowly dawned on me that the ending would be quite abrupt.. and so it was. Either way, it was still a super fun and trippy read.

The list:

As formulaic as some of these stories were, I think the part where it ended could ahe been a great part to change the format a bit. Add another character into the mix that we may have forgotten about. Switch the focus to Daigo, give us a sequence where he begs the demons for more power and they make him go on his own quest or something IDK! We don't even need to see all 48 demons get killed, but at least giving the story some closure other than "welp Hyakkimaru fucked off and Dororo sobbed" would have been way better. If I didn't enjoy the story, I would not have cared this much. The individual arks are all pretty fun, and the bizzare demons are what really drew me back each time. I suppose it is a dark story, and I'm not nessecarly saying it had to have a happy ending.... well basically nobody else got one, perhapse I shoulda taken the hint that I wouldn't get one either.

I need to watch the modern anime. Also the streets are informing me that the manga was like totally cancelled. Figures...