Distracted Ink Exhibit

May 2, 2024

~ Page 1 ~

I used to doodle a lot during my elementry, middle school, high school, and undergrad years. I would to doodle in almost every situation. I've kept meny of these doodles over the years since looking at them brings me joy. However, due to space concerns among other things, I'm throwing most of them away now. I'm going to miss them, so to memorialize these sketches, I'll share them here as a virtual art exibit for all to see. Some of them are pretty funny and weird. They're largely provided without a date and context, though I will note that the more recent stuff is in the end, and the older stuff is in the middle. but most of these doodles come from any time between 2014 (age 14) and 2022 (age 22). As you can tell, they were mostly done between school assignments. All the more risque ones were done in college.

Most of these sketches are pretty shitty, but thats kinda what I like about them.