The Cats Movie

I'm going to be honest, I really wanted to see this movie. And now that I'm watching it, I'll use this page to document my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the film.

  1. It feels like if u just switch on the tv and the commercial goes on indefinately without getting to the point
  2. Nothing isn't a song (yes I know it's a musical but still)
  3. one big cutscene
  4. the tails
  5. the melody for the main song could be a really nice chiptune if they wanted it to be
  6. what is a jelical
  7. like 4 songs in the first 15 minutes
  8. there is pacing... but what are we pacing?
  9. mice people
  10. roach people
  11. ok the melodies are actually not so bad
  12. is this movie growing on me?
  13. this movie is what happens when u remember every part of a dream
  14. there aren't many cat jokes... just cats
  15. the amount of cheese in this movie is diabetic
  16. this movie is perrrfect
  17. don't watch this with friends. if you truly want the full experience watch it alone first
  18. I'm not a showtunes type of guy but there are so many songs in this movie none of them have the chance to really let you remember them
  19. water sounds
  20. some songs are too long
  21. this movie is basically a music video, more songs than plot
  22. I don't usually watch musicals so this is all new to me
  23. some of them can sing!
  24. They should remake all movies with catsuits and subtle cat puns
  25. If a forgotten DOS point and click game was a movie
  26. the camera keeps moving. it does not need to move. stop it
  27. this is probably a kids movie.. probably
  28. for npcs, by npcs
  29. a lot of love went into this movie. somebody was certainly having fun
  30. every frame is a work of art
  31. this movie is probably better with no context
  32. this movie kinda feels like a silent film
  33. Questions don't have answers. They have songs.
  34. It's 40 minutes in and the weight of the world feels just a little heavier
  35. Nobody cares about old doodooromney
  36. The new hazing should be sitting through this film with no sleeping in one sitting
  37. Jellycole cats are a cult
  38. the FM synth in this movie makes it better.
    yes there is unironically cheesy MS DOS fm synth in a hollywood movie from 2019
  39. some of the music sounds like MIDI music and it IS BEAUTIFUL
  40. whatever is happening at 48:00-50:00 on should be aired in random intervals on random television channels without context
  41. actually that could be said about the whole movie
  42. they danced then cried and i felt that
  43. then they started singing and the moment was lost
  44. Log number 44: slowly losing touch with reality
  45. echoooooooooooooooooooooo
  46. Imagine making eye contact with someone you hate for the full duration of the cats movie. That is the experience I'm getting here.
  47. every cat has a weird pet name..............................................................................................
  49. I gave the movie an hour and I can not take this anymore.