OWWW thesepastfeweeks have been a total draag.
Let's see all the issuez that have PLAUGED this month.. WHYDIDIPOST THIS ON a seperate page?
I dunno, but i'm freakin spook't about all the sauce goinon in my life rn. Feels 4realz.

I hope that Verizon doesnt start doing some shady shit like blocking websites or whatever but I just wanted to say that this website by far the best experience I have had online. This vibrant community of creators and programmers, web devs and hackers, memeboyz and goofballs have really inspired me to create and contribute with a dedication like no other. I just wanted to thank u all for making the memories real.
Wherever it may be, I'll see you in the future,

don't think for a second that this is goodbye. The dream is still alive.