11:32 PM 2/7/2024

Bastard!! OVA (stream of conciousnous opinions + spoilers)

Elric Saga at home:

Inuyasha if rumiko takahashi was shitposting harder than usual:

The dub is really good i think. Some of the jokes made me chuckle slightly.

The OVA felt relatively low stakes throughout ngl, which was kind of a shame. At the same time it's hiarious to see mfs just get back up after the craziest injury ever.

Also by the end of the show the character Yoko became somewhat of an NPC demzel in distress which was boring.

The last quarter dragged slightly. Tho the part where he saves Arshes Nei was pretty cool.

This is exactly what I'm gonna think of when people say retro OVA... plot thats mildly rushed, bonkers world lore that barely makes sense, non-ending.

Do I reccomend this? I mean I guess idk. It gets a little boring, formulaic, and crass.. but nothing really unexpected from an early 90s OVA.

Did i mention the main character's name is Dark Shnider?

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