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5:04 PM 2/22/2018

As many of you have seen my website is getting an ACTUAL update. That update is to take place in the next 3 days. In the meantime, enjoy these few links i found recently. I'll book them on the links.html page soon but for now they'll remain here:

10:57 PM 2/15/2018

I got into my dream college. But at #CENSORED# per semester idk if I can make that work.

Do you listen to Tyler the Creator?

11:45 AM 2/8/2018

Hey yall. I've redesigned the website, but the prototype, called "Experiment #2". The other options are the current site and the old site.

Which design is best out of those three? Pls vote, I'll check this out in a week, and then I'll update the site.

Vote here!

3:46 PM 2/6/2018 the goal:

think about it.

5:54 PM 1/29/2018
want something new?
Good luck
12:11 PM 1/23/2018
I just came across this.
good luck.
12:59 PM 12/28/2017

Best Socialmedia programs on the PLANET >:((((

  1. N e o c i t i e s
  2. YouTube
  3. flipnote hatena(pre 2012)
  4. quora
  5. EMAIL (🅱 honest)
  6. redddddddddddddit
  7. steemit

9:17 PM 12/25/2017
My DBZ days are long gone but that does not mean my AMV days are. I made this a while back but yall might like it. Enjoy

8:26 AM 12/25/2017

Merry Xmas yall.
Yall need to learn about this. HOTTEST tech on the net right now.

11:39 AM 12/15/2017
Wanna hear my city breathe?
11:37 AM 11/26/2017


I know I'm supposed to be doing something rn but imma post this anyway bc its important.
way BACKWHEN i found out about JANUSVR my main laptop broke ;(.
So i was stuck with a 2008 craptop until i got UPGRADED to lenovo, where I could browse the JANUSWEB for decades...
But then i realized janus was 0uch 2difficult4me to program to at that time (or BC it didnt work in browser back then, working in browser is a MUST bc it can reach more people)
SO what didIdo? migrate to AFRAME.
janus works IN BROWSER now???

smash this mffn link

2:04 AM 11/26/2017

UGHHHHH this thanksgiving has been mediocre. The food was meh, i diden have much fun.
The upsides? here:

  1. Grandfather came over
  2. got to try HTC Vive at a mall in jersey city
    • literally the BEST gaming experience of my life might I add
  3. got to go to jersey city
  4. i like jersey city

5:50 PM 10/25/2017

Dang guys. New update to the omega project.
Before you check that out, please visit Mr. McCurdy's page at https://webvr.donmccurdy.com/, for the thing i'm currently building is based on his code.
Mr. McCurdy, if you want me to take down the thing I'm doing, please PM me.

Now that that's out of the way, mosey yourself down to the first exhibit

Controls: WASD, Arrow Keys, Mouse, and Spacebar.
5:19 PM 10/13/2017

Whats up scoobers. A-FRAME came poppin with MAD updates. Check them out here.

Also, here's a BIG'ol demo of some of my favorite features of the new release. It would be cool if you had a headset, because this revalation is gonna blow ur mind.


Presenting.. Project Omega2

4:24 PM 9/28/2017

Augmented Reality in HTML! Check out my WIP here

5:57 PM 9/11/2017

Finally, a facecam

never forget

11:13 PM 9/9/2017


We now have videos of the day. Cool right?

12:34 PM 9/5/2017

TWO new technologies are about to drop that I expect in the mail this month.

  1. reMarkable Tablet
    "Better paper. Better thinking."
  2. MiraVR
    Augmented Reality for phones... but in 3d!

Expect Prey for a video of somesort for each!!
11:18 AM 6/8/2017

New project omega update. Check it out.

11:35 AM 5/31/2017

Sup y'all! Dig the redesign?
I've returned to my homestate now. With all that knowledge I soaped up in washington, new me, new website, know what I mean?

Anyway, I used to be resentful to CSS. But my mind has changed. Check this out:
@media only screen and (min-width: 500px) {/* Whatever*/}

That's the what we call, MEDIA QUERIES. It adjusts the layout of the website based on your screen size, and keeps everything looking AMAZING on any screen.

I know I sound like a noob right now but my websites haven't changed their look since 2009 so cut me some slack OK??

Yudo Out
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